Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome to my journey!

I prefer not to mention this is my third attempt at a blog... oops I just did! But this time, there is a journey to share... a true passion to share. So I truly hope it will be third time lucky.

So what is the journey? It's not really new for those of you that know me - more of a blossoming, something which should have happened years ago, but took me a while to realise. I have a vision, it will become apparent.

And I would be silly to tell you everything in the first post - that would defeat the purpose of about 10 posts I already have written in my head, and make for a mammoth of an introductory post! :P

So, on that note, the first thing I am sharing - and the first petal in my blossoming is this.

Next weekend, I am commencing the practical part of my Cert 4 in Fitness - which when I am finished, it means I am qualified Personal Trainer!!
The journey started over 2 years ago... the bud started forming 18 months ago... and now the petals are unfurling...

In my head it looks something like this....

Yep... I can live with that! Shimmer tights are hot!

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