Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why Bootcamps and Bubbles?

Now I have gone public (hmm sounds serious!), I thought I should explain why I chose the name of my blog - and hopefully one day business, to be "Bootcamps and Bubbles".

Well, it all started one day at one of my daughter's friends birthday party. It was a glorious Sunday afternoon - and just like any typical 7 year old's birthday party the Mum's were standing around sipping pink champagne. (Please tell me that's normal! ;) )

This bit definitely is normal - the topic turned to the "extra kilos" we all seemed to be carrying. Theories were discussed as to how to lose it, why it had been put on (my answer was in my hand, in pink bubbly form) and how we just didn't have time!! Sound familiar?

My answer was jokingly, "If only you knew someone who was not far off being a Personal Trainer!"

Then it started!

"Oh wow, that would be great!" "Can you train us?"

Then one Mum piped up - she's the one that tells it how it is, and I love her for it...

"I have a better idea, we could tell our husbands we were going to Bootcamp, but really, we are just going to drink champagne. It wouldn't take much to convince you Michelle!"

Told you she tells it how it is ;)

So my potential clients are talking about skiving off training before we have even started!!

Quick on my feet, I knew how I had lost my weight a few years ago - by earning my indulgences! I distinctly remember skipping and doing broad jumps in my mother's back yard while she sat on the balcony drinking champagne - waiting for me to join her.
I had my Polar Heart Rate Monitor on - and I had to get to 500 calories burnt before a sip could touch my lips!

That glass (or few) that night tasted even better knowing I had earned it.

Back to the story at hand - I told the girls they needed to earn their bubbles. I would happily drink champagne with them - but we had to do the Bootcamp side of things first - Bootcamp and THEN Bubbles girls!

And there it was! The lightbulb moment, the hunch that "Hey - I like the sound of that!"... I think I can work with this.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just Give Me A Reason

While I have so many things I am excited to share with you... there is a couple of reasons I haven't - YET!

The first is... yes, I should be studying! I am in the middle of my Certificate 4 in Fitness Practical weekend, and that is a post in itself.

The next is, all great ideas take time. My cogs are constantly turning at the moment. Thinking, Growing, Developing. In fact, the excitement is busting out of me so badly right now, it is taking everything I have to take it back a notch, and not be a bull at a gate.

So often, I see people so excited about what they are thinking, what they are planning, what they hope to achieve - their dreams, their passion, their light at the end of the tunnel when things are taking a turn for the worse.

This blog, for me, is just that. My light at the end of the tunnel.

My journey to this light has taken turns, it's taken tumbles.

So the third reason why I haven't shared yet - FEAR! Yes, I will delve deeper into that. But think of it, I have had failed attempts of finding me... we all have, I am sure (or at least I hope so!).

Gosh, I hope this is it. I really hope this is me. It feels like me... but is it?

Nobody knows about this blog yet - unless you have stumbled upon it. Or unless - I hope you are reading from the future, when I have overcome fear and obstacles that only I, myself have put in my way.

And I look forward to the day that you truly see... that I truly see, why I am here. Why this page exists.
But all in all.... it has been a work in progression, there has been a journey, to get to even this point.  The point where you dip your toe in the water - is it cold? Is it warm? Possibly hot? You have no idea until you try... and realise, that the biggest ideas all started at the beginning of a dark tunnel.

This video was part of my course, and I watched it tonight, while distracted... Lightbulb moment! I love distracted lightbulb moments!!

Have you ever had a distracted lightbulb moment? A small hunch? Has it become a big hunch?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome to my journey!

I prefer not to mention this is my third attempt at a blog... oops I just did! But this time, there is a journey to share... a true passion to share. So I truly hope it will be third time lucky.

So what is the journey? It's not really new for those of you that know me - more of a blossoming, something which should have happened years ago, but took me a while to realise. I have a vision, it will become apparent.

And I would be silly to tell you everything in the first post - that would defeat the purpose of about 10 posts I already have written in my head, and make for a mammoth of an introductory post! :P

So, on that note, the first thing I am sharing - and the first petal in my blossoming is this.

Next weekend, I am commencing the practical part of my Cert 4 in Fitness - which when I am finished, it means I am qualified Personal Trainer!!
The journey started over 2 years ago... the bud started forming 18 months ago... and now the petals are unfurling...

In my head it looks something like this....

Yep... I can live with that! Shimmer tights are hot!